A Prayer of the Day

PrayerFather God, Holy God, we bow before your Grace and Mercy, thanking you for the breathe of life just one more day. Father cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Wash us clean and pure in the blood of Jesus, making us wonderful and perfect in your sight, Oh precious Saviour we thank you and receive your forgiveness. We thank you for this moment of communion, this time of melding in the mind of God, Hallelujah, we thank you.

Father we rise this morning in praise of the sweet communion and blessedness of the body of Christ, the fellowship of the Holy Spirit and the Saints, oh, how magnificent to walk in the inheritance of the child of God. My brothers and my sisters what a wonderful spirit to partake of. As we come together globally what a mighty fellowship, what a mighty joy divine. Our hearts are happy, that as the blessed Day of the Lord draws near, we walk in the end time anointing, a gathering of God’s family in unity of The Spirit, again like the early Church, on one accord. Multiply Your family Lord in the New Birth, New Beginnings, Salvation, Deliverance and Healing. Hallelujah.

Praise You Lord, What a Mighty and Magnificent God we serve, blessing us unto Eternity. Hallelujah. Father bless us your Family this day in Perfect Peace, Everlasting Love, Eternal Joy in the Mighty and Matchless Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.