A Prayer of the Day

PrayerFather God, Holy God, Precious is your name, We bow before your Majesty this day, laying at the foot of the Cross all our worldliness, our sins,  great and small, known and unknown, begging your forgiveness and in faith receiving your forgiveness and the accompanying cleansing of the Blood of Jesus. I thank you Lord as I remember the price of my salvation, the stripes of your beatings, the sting of your persecution and passion, the pain of your suffering on Calvary, Oh Lord I appreciate You, and receive the anointing and power of  You, Your resurrection, filling my very molecular structure, intimately taking ownership of me, body, soul and spirit.

Hallelujah, We rise this day empowered to walk in holiness, pleasing and acceptable in your sight, walking out Your Word, being the actualization of perfect peace in our present reality of a world speeding unto to destruction, peril, judgment and Great Tribulation. Allow Your Love to move in us presenting to this world The Way, telling to this world The Truth, and leading this world to The Life, in You. Father, Oh Father, let the sinner run to you and seek sanctuary moved by the Word they see portrayed in our lives, let us be living testimony, of your Love, Grace, Goodness and Your willingness to be a burden bearer, a yoke destroyer, a healing life giver.  More than ever let our walk reflect our talk.

Let the work of our hands be representative of your excellence working in us, a demonstration of righteousness working itself out, productive, creative and astoundingly effective.  Thank You Lord, that at the end of this day our resting place will still be in you, all this we pray in the mighty and matchless name of Jesus and by the power of His blood, amen.