PrayerPraise You Lord, Hallelujah, Father God, Thou art a Holy and Righteous God, Glorious, Holy, and Righteous is Thy Name.  My heart is full as I bow to pray, thanking You for Your faithful presence, daily I can come to the fountain of forgiveness as I do this day on behalf of myself and others, individually and corporately requesting forgiveness, and in faith, knowing that it shall be mine to receive. Thank You Lord for the grace of forgiveness and the cleansing of the washing of the blood of Jesus. Glory Hallelujah! Yes Yah be Praised.

Mighty God, Mighty God, how wonderfully and beautifully I am created, the very image and likeness of You, Hallelujah, my heart must take pause to savor the fact of it. The intimacy of our relationship, Glory, how sweet the communion, You are here with me, Shekinah Glory, Hallelujah, I praise Your Holy Name, thank You Jesus for the power of the blood, to anoint, appoint, ordain, send, empower, deliver, heal, edify, strengthen, and encourage so lowly a one as me.  I thank You Lord for the geographical blessing of being in You, I defy GPS to find me hidden in the grace of You.  Oh what a fellowship, Oh what joy divine, Oh blessed Savior I am Yours, lead me by the heart, head and hand, in Your ordinances I am consuming You, buried with You, rising with You, Hallelujah, thank God I am born again, born from above, not of the flesh but of the Spirit.  Thank You Lord, this day we shall worship You in Spirit and Truth.

Father, we shall walk circumspectly in You, mindful that we are the very righteousness of God, guiding, pointing, leading and directing everyone to You.  We are a salty, savory, and salvationous people, shining ever so brightly as a light on a hill, dispelling and driving back the darkness and overpowering in light, life and liberty.  Bless Your holy nation, a peculiar people, a royal priesthood this day, in the name of Jesus and by the power of His blood, amen.