A Prayer of the Day

PrayerFather, Holy God, Mighty God, precious and holy is Your name, thank You for another day to sense the wonder of Your creation. We bow pleading the forgiveness of our sin. We ask and receive in faith, accepting the cleansing of the blood of Jesus. Able by Your grace to live in sinless perfection this day. Guide us in this walk, Oh Lord, that we would ever be grateful and spread so great and precious mercy, grace and love. I so love you Father, for you first loved me and cherished me unto salvation, thank You, Jesus.

This day we rise to be a blessing, an active presence and representation of Your eternal being, an asset to every situation, circumstance or event in the very stuff of life. May we stir up the gifts of the Spirit in us, spreading them whence so ever we may go, a salty presence, shining brightly even in the very light of day, ever more so in the presence of evil, being a distinctive choice for the uncommitted. Make us mindful this day to cut out portions of the day for private and personal devotion to your Word, Your Will, and to Your Way. Open our hearts beyond the understanding of our minds into the Kingdom life, the life in the Spirit, empowered to live in perfection. Acknowledge in us this day that peace on earth is the cessation of enmity between God and man, infinitely more wonderful and precious then any political entity might warrant. Let us pray then for the peace of Jerusalem with that understanding. Hallelujah.

Bless us your servants in obedience, that we may bring pleasure to You, that the very thought of us to you Oh God, brings a smile to Your face, that our countenance is one that is acceptable in Your sight, Oh Lord for You are my Rock, You are my Redemption, my ever present Salvation in a sin sick world, bless, keep and anoint this day in the mighty and matchless name of Jesus and by the power of His blood, Amen.