A Prayer of the Day

PrayerFather, Holy God, we bow before you seeking your face in forgiveness of sin, praying the washing of the blood, and receiving the cleansing in your ever faithfulness. Help us Lord to be over comers at this time of the year, that our fellowships do not suffer as they do every year at this time, while the devil’s kingdom prospers financially greater than all other times of the year. Help us to transcend and flip the script of this annual annulment of the Word of God by our traditions. Mend us in this spiritual adultery that does violence to your very body.

Help us Lord, to seek confirmation in Your Word of our practices, Your decrees as to how we should not meld our worship of You with the worship of foreign gods. Our traditions have long ago been compromised and we have been deceived under so great a cloud, and now the deception appears as truth and sweetness in our life. Father, drive deceit far from us, make us courageous as we find truth, to live in it and prosper only by the means of your intentions. May we truly seek to worship You in Spirit and in Truth, with all that may imply. You have always made it plain how we should or should not worship You. Oh Lord, Satan has added many clauses to Your Word, by creating in our traditions, contradictions. myths, and fairy tales with the very intent of deceiving and misleading.  We come against this stronghold and declare it’s bondage and oppression broken.

Let the story of the coming of Christ into the flesh, His advent into this vale of tears, be left untouched and devoid of any covering of the devil. You have asked us rather to look back on Your death and discern Your body, to look forward to Your coming again, help us Lord to be mindful of this.  All this we pray in the Mighty and Matchless name of Jesus and by the power of His blood, amen.