A Prayer of the Day

Father God, Holy God, we bow before you in the frailty of our human condition, begging your forgiveness of our sin, the washing of the blood which renews us daily unto righteousness and perfection. Thank you Lord, that we can turn to you in the hour and time of our need, You Our Father are an ever present help in our time of trouble.  Father,we know you can see beyond our coverings, our outward appearances, the gaiety of our decorations, and fashion, into the deep recesses of our heart to the root of our pains. Heal us this day in the wounds that show forth not blood.

Restore unto us the joy of our salvation, that we would be able now, and until you come, to be vessels of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Help us to see the urgency of Your Word of truth, sharing it in all that we do, our lives examples of the worship that we loudly proclaim on Sunday, and many times forget on Mondays. Father if I don’t have enough love in me to care about my brother or sister that knows you not, feed me, fill me, until I burst to overflowing, that I would not waste a minute or a second withholding the Word from those so desperately in need.  Lord we proclaim to be a peculiar people, yet we crave the acceptance of our fellow man, help us to be peculiar, distinct, salty, such that our promotion will come only from what You ordain.

Mold, form and make us into the instruments of Your favor that Your love may be shed abroad into every place of need and desire. With what time is left in this year let us be a gift unto You, that is a sacrifice of praise, worship, prayer and service. If there be any celebration, if there be any joy proclaimed, let it be that a sinner was saved this day, because we were yielded and obedient, and may heaven break forth in resounding and rejoicing.  Receive our prayer Oh Lord, in the name of Jesus and the power of His blood, amen.