A Prayer of the Day

Praise Your Holy Name, Hallelujah! Father God You are a house of holiness, a mansion of mightiness, a garden of grace, Oh Father how wonderful to be your child, You properly present us before you as we repent and plead your forgiveness of our sin, cleansing us by the power of Your blood from every lust of the flesh, covetousness of the soul, weakness of the spirit.  Bathed and baptized in the blood of Jesus. We are clean and whole, perfect and precious in your sight, able to share in the communion of the Holy Spirit, to have Your ear, to receive the breathe of life, blown into our hearts, our being, We are the children of God, able to cry, “Abba, Father.”

We are the reflection of Your glory and righteousness here on earth, we are your heartbeat, the ebb and flow of Your waves of love for all mankind, deposited in us are the very great and precious promises whereby all of mankind might partake of Your divine nature. May anointed Word flow from our being, may the Spirit move through us and use us as vessels of love, leading to salvation, deliverance, and healing.  Expand Your kingdom in us, may we occupy until You come, rejoicing in the harvest, offering praise and worship at the miracle of salvation. Fashion us into infectious and contagious believers, that the germ, the seed of the Word of God be so disseminated and spread, ultimately, to the four corners of the earth. Help us to discern that every encounter is an opportunity to plant a seed, to water the Word, to reap a soul for You. May we discipline ourselves and act in accordance to Your will.

May we this day be steadfast and unmovable in our desire to be, and live like Jesus. May Your will become realized in us and may we bring honor to Your name, in Jesus and by the power of His blood, Amen.