A Prayer of the Day

Father God, Holy God, we bow and kneel before your throne of mercy and grace, beseeching you Lord, forgive us of sin. Forgive us Father for those sins we boldly commit, willful, and with foreknowledge, these we bring before you in deep remorse and ready repentance.

Father, than there is another whole class of sin which is forged in our ignorance, from our lack of knowledge of Your true will and ways, from those things in which we may verily have been misguided and deceived, although all sin is enacted of deception and lack of fear, knowledge and reverence of You, these truly are beyond our present understanding.  We place this great magnitude of sin, all of this at the foot of the Cross, that just the touch of the drippings of your precious blood, would dissipate and destroy this body of sin forever. We receive the blessings of the washing and cleansing of the blood of Jesus. We praise You for so great a salvation. Hallelujah!

We thank you Father for the giftedness of love, the love of God, family and friends.  We thank You Father for Joy, for the Joy of the Lord is our strength, in the Name of Jesus and by the power and of His blood, amen.

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