The Prayer of the Day

Father God, Holy God, we thank you Lord, and praise your Holy Name, we give you the glory as we bow before your throne of mercy and grace. Forgive us our sins and wash us in the blood of Jesus.

May we come forth in righteousness and holiness fit vessels to do your will. Prepare your people for works of service. May our ministries be blessed. Open our fellowships unto the unction of the Holy Spirit, may He lead the prayer, praise and worship, the preaching, teaching, proclaiming and exhortation.

May every believer appropriate unto themselves the miracle and glory of the new birth, may the gift of salvation be fully upon all whom call on the name of Jesus, and may the gifts of The Holy Spirit and the fruit of the Holy Spirit be an anointing balm upon all the household of faith and may your family be richly blessed in the realities of this giftedness. Provide an ever sweeter communion of the saints, as our fellowships are marked in the mighty agape love of Christ.

Father bring your Word into focus for your people that they may seek in the consul thereof the very nutrition of life, food from heaven, daily manna, as Jesus is our Bethlehem. We thank you Lord for every daily provision you make available for us under your divine providence.

Father remove from our fellowships the leaven of error, every vestige of Babylon that has been inflicted upon your body like the thorns, stripes, nails and spear of Calvary.

Give those who rule over us hearts to seek soundness in doctrine, unction in preaching, purity in liturgy, edification in instruction and humility in leadership.

Father all this we pray before your divine authority, in the name of Jesus and by the power of His blood. Amen.