A Prayer of the Day

Father God, Holy God, Mighty and Majestic is Your name. May our praise and worship of you resound unto the heights of the mountains, yet even higher, unto the stars of the universe. May we lay the sins of our hearts, minds and flesh at the foot of Calvary’s cross, ever mindful of the precious and priceless sacrifice of the Lamb of God.

We thank You Lord for the washing of the blood, that blood that couldn’t stay buried, that blood that was blood type God, that blood that removes every stain of sin, that blood which is the very power of Victory, that very blood for which we thank You.

Father we thank You for the fellowship of the saints and the sweet communion of the Holy Spirit.  We are blessed to pray one for another that we might be a blessed encouragement and a friend for one another in times of trouble.  May your Holy Spirit be able to call on us to intercede for one another, ever ready to lend a hand up to every brother and sister of the household of faith.

Bind Your family together in love, above and beyond every institution of mankind. May the five fold Ascension gifts prepare the saints for ministry, edified unto the works of service to bring salvation unto the four corners of the world.  May the body of believers move as a united army under the command of the Sovereign Lord of Warrior Hosts, Jesus The Christ. May we prove honorable to the charges and somber responsibilities laid before us acting righteously in the beauty and glory of holiness.

Father we pray all our petitions before Your throne of authority, mercy and grace, in the name of Jesus and by the power of His blood, amen.