A Prayer of the Day

Father God, Holy God, God of the Miraculous and Amazing Grace, we bow before your throne of infinite Love and Mercy, with our hearts, minds and bodies, bared before you, repentant of the many things in which we have fallen short of Your eternal desire and purpose for us.

We beg Your forgiveness, for the restoration unto holiness that equips us as vessels and representations of Your heavenly righteousness. Oh Lord, how blessed we are to be washed in the blood of Jesus. Hallelujah, we praise You and thank You.

Father God, Mighty God, we rise filled with Your presence in these earthen vessels, filled with your glory, a countenance reflective of the Holy Spirit within us. Ready to face this world another day, prepared to give answer for the joy that is within us, prepared to lift up, raise up, the broken, oppressed, and hurt, many whose wounds show forth not blood.  Lord empower us to be the balm of healing to a world so in need of the gift and miracle of salvation.

Let Your Word come forth from us with signs and gifts following, may the miraculous and supernatural be the stuff of our daily lives.  May praise, prayer and worship be our armory, and the Word of God our weaponry, as we take the battle to the enemy.  Your banner over us is love, let us salute sharply and plant firmly. Ultimately, victory is ours.

We pray unto you Father in faith, nothing wavering, before your throne of authority, in the name of Jesus and by the power of His blood, Amen.