A Prayer of the Day

Father, Holy Father, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob we bring our praise and worship before you in the form of our obedience and submission to Your Lordship, Thou art the great, wise and true God, the God of Israel through whom You chose to reveal Yourself.

In You we find a resting place, tired and tried from the trials of this earthly tabernacle. As we bring our sin before you, boldly accessing our rightful heritage of unconditional and immeasurable grace, we bow in a faithful humility, the knowledge of your promises assuring us of the magnitude and infinite extent of our salvation. Washed in the blood we rise.

We rise motivated by Your love, exploding in our hearts, moving us to carry the seed of salvation, the Holy Word, unto every soul in need.  May we hunger for the sheaves of the harvest, that indeed we may come rejoicing with every born from above spirit, baptized in the blood and washed in the Word.

Strong and of good courage we move out, on one mighty accord the unction of the Holy Spirit as the wind, at our backs, we go sweeping through the country, towns and cities leaving no one untouched by the Word, which shall either draw them or drive them but we will not leave them excusable.  We shall make straight paths for our soon coming King and Maranatha shall be our watch Word as we keep our heads to the sky, our ears tuned to the great trumpet sound, ready for the shout of the great getting up morning.

Father the times and seasons have speed by and The Day of the Lord is near, may Your family get ready, to rise, rise, rise, as we humbly submit this prayer before your throne of authority, in the name of Jesus and by the power of His blood, Amen.