A Prayer of the Day

Father, Father, Father, Holy, Magnificent, Glorious, is Thy name. Oh Father, most worthy to be praised are Thou. Thou are a mercy God, from sun up to sun down, Thou sits high yet reaches down into the very stuff of our being, dwelling and hosted in the hearts of Your saints.

How precious a possession is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, how divine is our blessing. Father in obedience we bow, repenting of every filthy, lowdown, lustful, selfish, indulgent thought, intent or deed.

We beg and beseech Your forgiveness, as we learn the lessons of forgiving others, knowing full well that You are faithful to forgive us, extending to us the washing of the blood of Jesus. Oh how precious is the flow, that cleanses us head to toe. Washed, cleansed and forgiven we rise. Hallelujah!

Father, bless us this day with the walk of the obedient. Anointed with the unction to preach, teach, touch and heal, to set the captives free, with every fiber of our being, sanctified unto salvation, contagious and infectious with the Word of God, flowing from the essence of our lives.

Move us in every corner of this world that as a prepared people we make straight paths for the Lord, that in these hours of preparation Your bride is perfecting herself, adorning herself, in the beauty and glory of holiness.

Send us Lord, meek as doves, wise as serpents, motivated by the thought of our ever looking upward unto that triumphant moment that You break the sky. If there be a great falling away then may what be left be a miraculous, marvelous, remnant, reserved unto Your glory.

Father we pray the day of the Lord, Your most timely return, that we may be tuned to Your purpose, set to Your purpose, completely given over to You, before Your throne of authority, in the name of Jesus and by the power of His blood. Amen.