A Prayer of the Day

Father God, Holy God, Mighty, Marvelous, and Magnificent is Thy name in all the universe, so worthy to be praised is Thy eternal presence.

We bow before You, unworthy yet desirous of Your Holy favor, placing all our sins before you, begging the consuming fire of Your forgiveness, to burn up all the works of our self, completely tearing down all the false altars of our hearts that none is left but the place reserved unto You.

We pray the washing of the blood of Jesus, immerse us in the blood, may its wonder working power manifest completely in our lives, so washed we give You the Praise of our complete beings, as we become totally yielded unto Your will, way and purpose.

Father we rise as willing vessels of dedication and devotion, aligned with Your Supreme Sovereignty, to accomplish the desires of Your Holy, Heavenly Heart.

We are Your people, prepared in prayer, hallowed in holiness, steeped in salvation, ready and willing to seize this day and wring from it the very essence of every blessing You have prepared for us from the early foundations of the universe.

Send us forth in power to preach the Gospel of The Kingdom of God, that shall be acknowledged in signs and wonders following,  May the broken hearted and contrite be saved, may the wounded in spirit be healed, may the oppressed be set free from all bondage and may You Father receive the Glory.

Father we present our prayers before Your throne of authority, in the name of Jesus and by the power of His blood, amen.

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