A Prayer of the Day

Father God, Mighty God, Holy and Hallowed is Your Name. How Lord might we ascribe unto You, in words, effectual praise? How Oh Lord, Your Greatness, Your Goodness, Your Awesome and Magnificent Presence?

To meditate upon You in understanding and wisdom is to tremble, tremble, tremble. All day and all night is insufficient to bring appropriate worship unto Your glory. How feeble Lord is our attempt? Yet we forever try to place into perspective Your Wonderful, Marvelous, Beautiful Divinity.

Mighty God, Mighty God, we are blessed to bring our shortcomings, our failings, our missing of the mark,  our sins to the foot of Calvary’s Cross there to be consumed in forgiveness by the blood of Jesus, Yeshua, the Christ, the Messiah. Hallelujah, Father we thank You. We praise Your Holy Name.

Father there is a place this very day that is in need of Your attention, the focus of Your Saints, where Satan and his demonic forces have been active, and brought pain, sorrow, destruction, despair and death.

Father we pray the power of God into this tragedy, that Your people, who are called by Your name would be the help and assistance, the providers of sustenance and healing, willing and able to meet and fill every need.

Bind Your Saints together in one accord, to speak in a united breathe, The Holy Spirit into the midst of this great suffering as a mighty wind of healing, pushing back the clouds of evil, dispelling the demonic forces and bringing Your hand of rescue and safety.  May Your unction be in our prayers, our actions, our gifts and donations that in this recovery effort Your will would be done.

Father we bring our prayers and efforts before Your throne of authority, in the Matchless name of Jesus, and by the mighty power of His blood, amen.