A Prayer of the Day

Father, Holy Father, how magnificent, how glorious, how majestic is Your name throughout the universe.

Father we fall at Your feet, pleading the forgiveness of our sins, pleading the washing of the blood.  We know full well that Thou are a mercy God, ever faithful to forgive and cleanse, and we receive in joyful jubilation the imputation of Your express righteousness.

Hallelujah, we praise You, we magnify Your name, from every valley low, to every mountain high, we resound in worship and praise. If we had a million, trillion tongues we could not voice your praise sufficiently. How inadequate we are to the task, yet we put forth a Hosanna here, and a Hallelujah there, a glory to God in the highest. Praise Your holy name. My precious Jesus, my Yeshua, mighty God, mighty God.

Oshea, Bamba, LORD my Savior, Father, we rise this day on one accord, the universal body of Christ, united in our willingness to be ready for Your coming, to seek Your face. We covenant to prepare diligently our lives, before You, that we might be worthy upon the day that You crack the sky. Maranatha, Come my LORD come, unto a people of yielded heart, mind and body.

Ah! New Jerusalem, the streets paved with gold, the half of the city has never been told.  Father, we thank You for the heavenly promise, for eternal life, the healing of our broken hearts, our deliverance from the body of sin, the gospel of the kingdom of God, all bought and paid for by your very agony, up to and on the Cross. We ever extend our eyes to Calvary, humbled in gratitude, amazed of Your tender mercies, forever blessed in Your blood.

Father again we pray the continued extension of Your hand to Haiti, that Your presence be healing and restoration to the people of the land.

Father we pray you honor our prayers as we present them, before Your throne of authority, in the blessed name of Jesus and by the potent power of His blood, amen.