A Prayer of the Day

Father, God, Holy, God, All mighty Creator, Master of the Universe and All, We Praise You LORD! We magnify and glorify Your name, sanctified above all the heavens, marvelous and wonderful, miraculous and beautiful. You are our refuge, our fortress, our very mighty stronghold, we ascribe love, glory and honor unto You. Praise You, LORD! Hallelujah!

Father, we bow down before You, reverent before Your mighty, awesome and terrible power. Faithfully, remorseful and repentant we lay our sins before You, pleading the blood of Jesus for the forgiveness and cleansing of our transgressions.

As You forgive, bring purity into our hearts that there might be no unclean thought, desire or intentions left in us.  May our innocence be renewed this day and our desires be only to please You, in One Faith, One LORD, One Baptism, One Love, One Spirit, One fellowship, One Blood. We thank You.

Father, we pray the continued focus and attention of the Holy Spirit and the Angelic Host on the people of Haiti and there predicaments. May Your mighty love be extended to them and to everywhere that humanity is in need. May Your body find in its very core, the holy of holies, the heart, a renewed purpose in missions to the lost.

May those so prospered in these times have a burden for missions, to bring the Gospel of the Kingdom of God throughout the world with a renewed vigor.  

May the initiative that has been undertaken for a natural disaster be the very same if not superseded by a motivation to missions for a very present, daily and consistently real, spiritual disaster of the condemnation of the soul and spirit of mankind.

Father we bring our prayers and petitions before Your Mighty Throne of Glory, Power and Authority, in the Name of Jesus and by the Power of His Blood, amen.