A Prayer of the Day

Father God, Holy God, Sweet Supreme Master, Sovereign Lord, Mighty, Majestic, Magnificent and Marvelous are Thou! You are worthy of our worship, our praise, our obedience.

Father as we bow to Your Omnipotence we plead in repentance of our sins, for Your blessed forgiveness, the cleansing and washing of the blood of Jesus, which removes every mark, stain and penalty. Father we receive Your forgiveness and cleansing in faithfulness, adorning ourselves with the very righteousness of God. Oh Father, we thank you.

We rise this day with up stretched arms ready to magnify You with the praise and worship of our lives and very being. We make no compromises with evil as we operate in every spiritual gift and every fruit of the Holy Spirit. Grow and develop us Oh Lord, the sheep of your pastures, the blossoms of Your garden, that we may continue to be the twinkle and sparkle of Your eye.

Bless us with Holy boldness that we may pray, preach, prophesy and proclaim the gospel of the Kingdom of God, throughout the world.  May the commandment of the Great Commission be taken literally this day by every blood bought Saint of the Most High.

Father we present again our petitions for Your hand of mercy to be over this land of Haiti, that miracles will not cease, that supernatural rescues continue, that recovery and restoration be abundant, that the saving of lives and souls, in the natural and the Kingdom realm be the order of the day.  Father quicken the operations of disbursement and supply that all needs will be met, that the workers and the victims find the refreshing by the Holy Spirit.

Father strategically order Your angels into the places where men cannot go, secretly performing acts unbelievable should we ever be aware. For the things that men may accept may there be great outcry’s to the Greatness and Glory of Your Name. Hallelujah!

Father we faithfully approach Your throne of Mercy, Grace and Authority, in the Mighty and Matchless name of Jesus, and by the power of His blood, amen.