A Prayer of the Day

Father God, Holy God, Great, Glorious and True, are Thou, Eternal, Everlasting, Victorious and Triumphant, Oh, How Mighty and Marvelous is the Awesome, Ancient of Days.

When we reflect on the Potent Power of Your Presence we just Tremble, for Terrible is Your Wrath. Yet Wonderful and Precious is Your Love.  Father we Praise and Worship You for Worthy are You to be Praised.

Father we bow in obeisance, submission and remorse, begging for the forgiveness of our sin.  Father by the power of the blood, remove every root of bitterness, envy, lust, selfishness, greed, gluttony, slothfulness, licentiousness, pride and ego.

We thank you Lord, for the forgiveness and the cleansing that brings us into right relationship with You. We embrace Your amazing Grace, ever thankful for the blood of Calvary. We thank You now for the fruit of The Holy Spirit, and every spiritual gift you have provided.

Father we pray the extension of Your love to Haiti, moving in mighty ways, seen and unseen. Answer us Father in the language of miracles, creative, restorative, and refreshing. Rescue and bring relief, however and wherever needed.   May the saints prove to be the very examples of generosity, hope, and charity.

Father bless every fellowship, assembly and congregation gathering in Your name.  May the presence of the Holy Spirit cast off every vestige of religion, and leave nothing but truth, and the purity of relationship with Jesus Christ, our soon coming King.

Father honor our prayers as we present them faultless before Your throne in Glory, unto the only True and All Wise God, to whom belongs all dominion, glory and power, in the name of Jesus and by the power of His blood, amen.