A Prayer of the Day

Father God, Holy God, Glory to Your name above the farthest stretches of the universe, Thou are God, there is no other. Miracle Worker, Sweet Soul Shaker, Marvelous Creator.

Father, we bow before you begging the forgiveness of our sin, the cravings of our carnal desires, the transgressions of the laws of love, our slow forgiveness of others, our lack in the fruit of the Spirit, our disobedience to Your Will and Way.

Father, we repent, we are filled with remorse, and we give thanks for Your faithful forgiveness, and the washing of the atoning blood of Jesus….Hallelujah!

Father we rise, resurrected unto the newness of this day, in love, hope and faith, ready to carry forward the Word of the Kingdom of God.

By virtue of  The Holy Spirit we are an approved asset of excellence in the work and market place, our expertise shall drive economies, our cooperation in service, and our leadership in achievement, shall be an example of what is accomplished by those who walk in the integrity and character of the Most High God.

In every venue, we shall be sought out as those enabled to excellence, extremely exceeding every expectation in all the enterprises in which we are engaged. We shall show our faith in our works and our Father in Heaven shall be glorified.

Father as you have ordained, we pray a blessing on all governmental leaders and servants, that they may operate with a mind set of what is right before You. We pray a continued blessing on the survivors of the earthquake in Haiti and the reconstruction and renewal of their country.

May Your comfort be upon those who have lost family, friends and associates.  We pray for those dispatched to rescue and bring relief, that their efforts return rewards and their energy be supernaturally renewed. May the saints around the world continue charity in generosity.

Father we pray the honoring of our prayers as we present them before your throne of authority, in the name of Jesus and by the power of His blood, amen.