A Prayer of the Day…

Father God, Holy God, we come bearing the burden of our sins, the inaccuracies of our aim, the misgivings of our souls, and the hypocrisies of our hearts.

Father we lay our many burdens at the foot of the Cross. Asking, pleading, begging forgiveness from Your endless store of mercy,  Wash us with hyssop soaked in the blood flowing from Emanuel’s veins, immersing  us in the bath of repentance, cleansing every stain of impurity.

Father we are grateful for Your faithful forgiveness, we thank You, we praise You, we hallow Your name.

Father we rise with a word of praise on our lips, Hosanna, the renewal of Your tender mercies daily, reminding us of how gracious, great and good a God You are. Father help us to ever look heavenward, acknowledging that our destination has no earthly equivalent.

Father we thank You for Your assurance and accompanying us through the storm, the trials, the tribulations and persecutions, as step by step, we fellowship in Holy Spirit communion.  We thank You Father, that You find us worthy to face the tempest, to be tossed and not overturned, to be shaken but not shook, for we pass through the fire, dance in the storm and walk on the water.

Father we thank You for forging us in the fires of adversity, and tempering us on the anvil of truth, as we come forth sharp, and two edged as Your Word, a choice weapon in Your hands to vanquish and drive back the forces of evil, establishing the salvation, healing and deliverance of Your Kingdom.

Father we humbly submit our prayers unto Your throne of mercy, grace and authority, in the mighty and matchless name of Jesus and by the power of His omnipotent blood, amen.