A Prayer of the Day

Father God, Holy God, Thou are the Great I Am, Thou are indeed Love, the Ultimate manifestion of Love, in You is Love Defined.

Father, God of Love, we repent this day of all sin and the transgressions of our souls. Your so Great Love is Faithful to Forgive, washing Your Sons and Daughters in the Precious Loving Blood of Jesus.

In Your Love was Jesus Raised from the very pits of Hell, and like wise Your so Great Love has reached into our Heart of Hearts, and has drawn us into the Bosom of Abraham, the Ark of Safety, the Kingdom of God. We Praise You Father and forever shall we give You the Glory. Hallelujah!

Father we rise this day, walking in the Great Commandment that is to Love You, and to Love our neighbors as ourselves. We thank You Father that it is in Your Love, Agape Love, that we learn of Love, and learn to love our very selves.

Thus, having so Great a Love bestowed upon us we are able to spread this Love here where we stand, and every place in which we walk.  Today like our Daddy we are Love. Love is the motivation for every breathe we take, every step we make, and every Word we speak. Love empowers us, moves us, sanctifies us. We are love in action, poetic, powerful and full of grace. Father in Love we are very Devotion.

We are the celebration of the twinkle in Your eye, we are preparing for the Great Day of the Lord, when those whom Love Him shall rise to meet Him in the Great Worship Celebration in the Sky.  Lord, Bless Us to be Love.

Father, in Your Love we present our prayers before Your throne of authority, in the name of Jesus and by the power of His precious Blood, amen.

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