A Prayer of the Day

Father God, Holy God, Hallowed is Thy Name. Mercy, Honor, Grace, Beauty, and Glory, we ascribe unto You. The God of Love, Joy, Hope, and Peace, we praise You. Oh, Ancient of Days, The Beginning and The End, LORD, God, our Creator.

We bow before You, begging the forgiveness of our sins, our mark missing, the transgressions of our souls and flesh, those things in which we failed to relinquish our wills.

Father we thank You for Your Faithful Forgiveness, the Gracious extension of the washing of the Blood of the Lamb, Hallelujah, we thank You, we praise You, we glorify Your Name, Oh, Our Precious Lord, We thank You.

Father, with praise on our lips, worship in our hearts, we rise to receive a fresh anointing, a renewal of The Holy Spirit, a fresh touch of The Bread of Life, the Heavenly manna, empowering us unto every good work.

Dripping from our blood bath we are adorned in praise, washed in worship, aglow with the glory of the Holy Spirit, our countenance of Love, our lives the very righteousness of our Father, our being in Christ Jesus, Hallelujah.

Father continue to perfect us, nurture us, and mature us unto the Day of the Lord. A prepared people for a prepared place, ready to rise, at the shout, the sound of the clarion trumpet, the moment You shall crack the sky, our spirits long, desire the Day of Your Coming.  Father may we be faithful doing everything to prepare a straight path for You. We praise You, we Glorify You, We Magnify Your Name.

Father we present our prayers before Your throne of authority, in the name of Jesus, and by the power of His blood, amen.