A Prayer of the Day

Father God, Holy God, Your banner over us is Love, a Love so great You define Yourself by it. How great a Love can that be. Love that sacrifices, suffers, bleeds and dies, for the objects of affection.

Father in light of Your Love, we praise You, we ascribe, Glory & Honor, Holiness & Majesty, Magnificence, All Mighty Power, to You the Creator of all things. Father we bow and tremble, presenting our sins before You for forgiveness, in Your Gracious Greatness, You Faithfully supply us with blessing after blessing of forgiveness in everlasting eternal life.

We are washed and cleansed in the fountain of Blood that flows from Emanuel’s veins.  Immersed in the pool of the Blood of the Lamb of God, we are perfected, matured, complete unto so very great a Salvation. Eternal Father we thank You, we praise Your Name, Hosanna, Glory to God in the Highest, HALLELUJAH!

Father, we rise, lifting our eyes from Calvary, our vision clear in the light of our daily trials and tribulations in this present reality.  Battle prepared and rapture ready, we stand and we march on the faith of the ages, our command is stand and go, not of the world, but into the world, to be salt, preserving life, to be light, showing the Way.

Armoured, Armed, with a sure living Word, the Word that never returns void, constantly doing and achieving the ends of the Creator. Speaking abundant Life, turning death on its heels, destroying disease, lack, and bondage.

Father, we are a liberating, conquering army, our clinics and hospitals dispensing the Balm of Gilead, reviving and restoring every wounded place, pain, and infirmity. The fruit of the Holy Spirit flowing and ebbing from our anointed beings, our speech and touch dispensing the salve of our Fathers So Great LOVE!!!

Father we thank You for Your attentive ear to our requests and prayers as we present them, this day, before Your throne of mercy, grace and authority, in the name of Jesus and by the power of His Blood, amen.