A Prayer of the Day

Father God, Holy, God, You are the God of Eternity, Ancient of Days, Out of Time, Through Time, Beyond Time, The God of Places we can’t comprehend. Great, Marvelous, Miraculous, Mighty and Magnificent, we are inadequate in our praise, striving in our worship, even seeking an exact Word of description of so Great God.

Father You are an Awesome God, My God. We praise You, Hallelujah!  Father we bow before You, awed by Your Terrible and Mighty Presence, in remorse and repentance we beg Your forgiveness of our sins.  Daily we come and daily we are not forsaken, we are cleansed by Your faithful forgiveness, the unlimited love of Your grace.

Yes, Father, God, Lord, we are ever washed in the precious Blood of the Lamb. Hallelujah! Oh, what a mighty love we are wrapped in, Your Blood soaked banner over us is Love, Your heart in us is mercy, goodness, graciousness, love eternal. Oh that we might ever be Blood bathed, bought, and bound. We praise You, Hosanna, My King!

Father we rise the children of Your bosom, washed forever in Jesus, how precious, how good is that? Father, Bless all the fellowships of the Saints, every gathering of those whom praise Your Name, the children of Eternity, the Everlasting Family of God, the Forever Faithful, those whose sacrifices and obedience come not by Law or Command, but by the unswerving Love of Jesus that is within.

Father, only the lost will go to Church, that they may find salvation, deliverance and healing,  for the redeemed of the Lord are the Church, and the proof of Our gratitude is our everyday working out of, the being of the Church.

Father, like You our Daddy we do not try to spread love, we are busy being love, being truth, being grace, being Jesus to a world so desperately in need of the Word of peace. Father forever keep our head to the sky, the eyes of our heart fixed on the Day of the Lord, prepared and ready to go, in the Great Getting Up Morning, Hallelujah!

Father we thank you for the heart to pray, the mind stayed on Jesus, the body the Temple of the Holy Spirit. Father bless our prayers this day as we bring them before Your throne of mercy, grace and peace, in the name of Jesus and by the power of His blood, amen.

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