A Prayer of the Day

Father God, Holy God, thou art Wonderful, Glorious, Marvelous, so worthy to be praised. Father, forgive us this day of our transgressions, the sins of our soul, the things in which we have missed Your mark of Holiness. We place before You our weaknesses, begging You to restore a righteous heart within us.

We thank You Father, as Your tender mercies daily renew us, the depths of Your mercies know no bounds, Your graciousness is without limits, Oh how Amazing is Your grace, but for Your blessings we might be consumed.

Father how great is the washing of the blood of Jesus, had we not transgressed how would we ever know, that in our repentance and remorse is such a great gift of salvation, deliverance and healing. The precious blood of Jesus never loses it power to heal the sin sick soul, to renew the saint, to restore the righteous heart, to recover the estate of the redeemed. The potent power of the blood makes the works of satan of no effect, destroys every breach of the enemy, every stronghold and fortress formed against us. We bathe in the blood, immerse ourselves beyond the grasp of the evil one, the blood of Love, the blood which cleanses us unto eternity, how can we not shout, Hosanna, Hallelujah, Glory to God in the Highest, we thank You Father for the blood.

Father, with a clean and pure heart we rise to greet the day, Your Word stored in our heart, Your kingdom on our mind, our bodies renewed in the vigor and enabling of the Holy Spirit. We the family of God, the children of Your household, nurtured and raised in the great love of our Father, empowered to spread the gospel of the Kingdom of God, anointed, appointed, ordained and flowing in the mighty unction there can be no weapon formed against us that might prosper.

Father, we are invincible, we are victorious, we are the warriors of love, ready to battle spiritual forces in high places, to tear the devils kingdom down and build the Kingdom of God, in the power and glory of the Ancient of Days. In us is life and that life is the light of God, from which flows healing for every disease, illness and malady. Our Kingdom is eternal, everlasting and forever, there is nothing the forces of evil can do to stop us, we shall conquer.

Father, by Your will we are located and found in Jesus, the place of power and peace, the refuge of the righteous, the address and abode of God’s peculiar people, the royal priesthood, the unconquerable saints of the Most High. Here we shall partake of God’s divine nature and His great and precious promises, this day shall the reality of the Kingdom be made manifest in the hearts of the lost as we honor our Father with our service.

Father we bring our prayers before Your throne of authority, in the name of Jesus, and by the power of His blood, amen.