A Prayer of the Day

Father God, Holy God, Gracious, Good and Great, the God of Infinite Intelligence, Everlasting Energy, the All Mighty, Ultimate  and Powerful, when we think of Your divinity we should tremble. With remorse in our heart and in repentance we come before You, requesting the forgiveness of our sins.

Father, we are weary of the workings from our own wilfulness, impoverished from the insubordinate intentions of our imaginations, feeble from our own foolishness and fears. Father with a brokenness of spirit we beg, with a contrite heart we come, seeking the renewal and restoration found in the faithful forgiveness of Your infinite grace, Your eternal goodness, and the depths of Your great heart.

Father, we are blessed and thankful for the recession of the penalty of our sin, the attendant washing of the Blood of the Lamb, how great and good are the tender mercies of our God.

Father, may we rise this day, dearly dedicated and devoted unto Your Divine purposes. We are Your children, the sons and daughters of Your household, why they ask, the patient and unending extension of grace unto us, and we answer, because He’s whose we are is Love, an unlimited Love, a Divine and Agape Love, and that Love motivates our reverence, our praise, our worship, our prayers, our Words, deeds and actions.

Love is why we give, why we bleed, suffer, struggle and sacrifice daily unto the labors of His Kingdom. Love is why we continually attempt obedience, and love is why we are redeemed when we fail, or fall short. Father we thank You for so great Love. Your Love works its Perfect work in us.

Father, many seek Your Kingdom, only the pure of heart find it, only those in whom so great Love is manifest, those the redeemed of Christ, forgiven and able to forgive. Father we Love You.

Father, in view of Your Great Love we present our prayers before Your throne of mercy, grace and authority, in the name of Jesus, and by His precious blood, amen.

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