A Prayer of the Day

Father God, Holy God, Eternal and Everlasting, Forever our Heavenly Father, bless us this day as we bow asking Your forgiveness of our sins, our selfish intentions, our malicious and mindless works, the things in which the desires of our hearts have missed the mark.

Father, we repent and are heavy with remorse. Father we thank You for Your forever, faithful forgiveness which covers us in the washing of the blood of Jesus, the cleansing that has the power to bring us forth stainless and sin free, perfect in the eyes of Glory.

Father, energize us this day with your Holy Spirit as we seek to provide positive testimony of the productivity and accountability of the Saints, Let our step be lively, our countenance bright, our attention alert, our responses sharp, that all folks would see our good deportment and glorify our Father in heaven. Let our conversations be pure and fresh, our words a well of encouragement. Remembering our ambassadorships, let our presence and our actions preach of your unending love, mercy and goodness and may the blessings of eternal life flow through us.

Father, fortify the body of Christ globally. Manifest the anointing to be protective of any Saints who face dangerous situations or hostile circumstances.  Encircle the angels about us during our commutes, cover us with The Holy Spirit and keep us safe in our comings and goings. Bring us again back to our abodes that we may finish the day in the blessed company of family and friends. Bless our leadership this day with a heart for you. Ordain government officials, corporate heads, and others with a mind to do righteously. Ensure that your Saints walk in favor this day.

Father, we present our prayers before Your throne of mercy, grace and authority, in the name of Jesus and by the mighty power of His blood, amen.