A Prayer of the Day

Father God, Holy God, What a Mighty God we serve, we praise Your Holy Mighty, Marvelous and Miraculous Name.  We bow before you begging the forgiveness of our sin, once more and again Lord, we petition You bearing our shortcomings, omissions, failures, flaws, and faults.

Father, we lay before You our naked hearts which contain more sin than we can account for. Our transgressions of heart are greater than our spiritual vision at times, Father grow our sight, as we take into view this day the constant and consistent application of Your Grace and Favor in the blessedness of forgiveness.

Father,  You are Faithful and Forever Forgiving and washing us in the blessed blood of Calvary.  We are blessed in being bought of the blood, bound to You by the blood, covered, dipped and immersed, so thoroughly washed we have a glowing countenance, the mark of the hand of God’s perfect and holy care, love and compassion, Oh! How Sweet this communion of the Holy Spirit.

Father, we rise as the sons of Righteousness with healing in our wings, destroying the foul works of the foolish and evil one. Father, this day is heaven falling down upon us as the unction of the Holy Spirit is increasing in this last and evil days,

Your saints in daily fellowship and communion like iron sharpening iron, are now pointed, focused, and have vision to run on until the cracking of the sky and are prepared in the worship in Spirit and in Truth.  Rise, rise, rise Your saints of the Most High, like the army of Gideon, we don’t count numbers, Father in Your power we make numbers count. Farther, us and You an army make.  Father we thank You and praise You as the demons must obey and we take every stronghold, fortress and high place and bring them down.

Father, we thank You that in the touch of the saints is healing, deliverance, and salvation for the lost.  Father we hear the Holy shofar as it sounds the prayer call continually in our hearts, which is our constant clarion call unto spiritual warfare. Father we thank You this day for our heavenly spiritual arsenal.  We give You the praise and the Glory. Father in Your name as Victors we shall declare the peace. Hallelujah!

Father, we thank You for honoring the prayers we present before Your throne of mercy, grace, love, peace and authority, in the name of Jesus and the power of His blood, amen.