A Prayer of the Day

Father God, Holy God, Heavenly Father, Great, Wonderful, Miraculous, Creator, Sovereign, Supreme, Majestic and Mighty. What a blessing to know the Lord, the Risen Christ, what a blessing to be a child of God, that we might bow before You and present our sins to You in the hope of Your Faithful Forgiveness.

Father we thank You for teaching us how to pray, to bring our sins, our transgressions, the malicious intents of our hearts, our duplicities, hypocrisies, deceits, schemes and evil desires before You in repentance and remorse. Here before You we receive forgiveness and the washing of the blood of Jesus, the Lamb of God, the blood of Emanuel’s veins that never, ever loses its power to cleanse of unrighteousness, sin and evil, that brings us back into right standing with You.  Oh how miraculous, how marvelous, how wonderful is that God?

Father we shower, yes we bathe in Grace, wonderful, marvelous, Amazing Grace. We know of no other fountain of forgiveness that has qualities that can mimic, imitate or duplicate the miracle of Your Salvation and Grace, Oh, we praise You, Father, Lord, Master, we lift You Up! We Praise You, Hallelujah!.

Father, we rise this day, to share this great Salvation.  How can we not? How great a Love, what an example, to leave Glory in Heaven, to leave the Great Hall of the King of Kings, to step down from the throne on High, to put on the skin of humanity, the wardrobe of mortality from the Majestic Gowns of Eternal Lordship and submit to the human birth, in the meager manger.  To submit to the suffering of Your subjects, to the wrath of Your misguided and perverted enemies, that those whom would love You might find Salvation, the price of their redemption paid, a credit forever on our behalf.

Father I can remember Your broken body and blood drawn presence in the ordinance of Communion, and may we ever look to the Love of Calvary when we need motivation to forgive, love and shed Your grace aboard by spreading the Gospel of Your Kingdom.

In view of Calvary can we shoulder up our Cross, the weight of which is lightened by Your Presence within us, the Holy Spirit our Power, our Comfort, our Enabler, our Intercession, Oh, again we shout, How Great Love! Hallelujah! Father bless us with the anointing, the unction to achieve and accomplish Your will this day that the lost might be saved, the blind see, the ill healed, the captive and oppressed set free, while the work of the evil one is destroyed.

Father, we thank You for honoring our prayers presented before Your throne of mercy, grace and authority, in the name of Jesus, and by the power of His blood, amen.