A Prayer of the Day

Father God, Holy God, The God of the Mighty and Miraculous, Glorious and Great, Awesome, True and Wonderful, unto You, we bring a sacrifice of praise and worship.

Father, we bow in contrition, begging the forgiveness of our many sins, the transgressions of our waywardness, our malicious minds, our ingratitude, selfishness, covetousness, lusts, greed and envy. Father forgive also the many deeds committed wilfully, those things left undone and omitted, that would have been expressions of Your righteousness and compassion. In repentance and remorseful reflection, we accept Your faithful forgiveness and bathe once again in the pools of the fountains of the blood of the Lamb.

Father,  how precious is this washing, the rain, the reign of the blood, its blessing, its showering that refreshes, renews, revives, restores and regenerates the once weary pilgrim, now revitalized by the power of the blood of Emanuel, Jesus blood, the blood type God, unto the believer whom is now the very righteousness of God. Hallelujah!

Father, we rise, healing in our wings, prayer on our lips, praise in our hearts, preaching and proclamation in our walk, The God of Our Newness, in our Spirit. Father, Your grace, power and anointing is reflected in the bounce of our step, as we walk out this day, the will of our Father in Heaven. Father, we pray a mighty blessing upon the young lions of Judah, may they step boldly into the world, more than conquerors, armed with a heavenly unction, the power of Your arm moving in their harvest of the sheaves of salvation, waiting upon their swing of the scythe.

Father, bless them in their zeal, cover their ambitions, honor their works, go before them with favor, bless them with Your Heavenly and Godly wisdom beyond their years, may their work produce a harvest never before seen as we prepare straight ways for the Lord and His coming.  These Your children, the sons and daughters of the Kingdom of God, the Saints of the Body of Christ, bless and protect them, heal where they touch, save where they speak, produce works unto repentance where they proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Father, may this last days revival be without equal as we prepare the Home Going! Father, our heads are to the sky anticipating any second now, the moment when You crack the clouds. Father, we pray all will be ready..

Father, we thank You, as You honor the prayers we pray this day and present before Your throne of grace, mercy, compassion and authority, in the name of Yeshua, and by the mighty and potent power of His blood, amen.