A Prayer of the Day

Father God, Holy God, Wonderful and Gracious are You, The All-Mighty Sovereign and Supreme Creator, in You resides the Wisdom of the Ages and Beyond, when we contemplate Your Greatness, the Magnitude of Your Glory, our hearts sing, our feet dance, our hands extend in praise, Oh, Hallelujah, MIGHTY, MIGHTY GOD are Thou. Wonder Worker, Miracle Maker, Bondage Breaker, The Sweet Soul Shaker, Thou art God, There is no Other, HALLELUJAH!!!.

Father, we come bowed as we present our requests of forgiveness of our sins, our transgressions, our mark missing’s. Father we are redundant daily in the things our weak and frail dispositions bring before You, yet in the Wisdom of Your Grace, Your faithful Forgiveness is there for us and You gladly give us the absolution along with a heaping helping of the application of the mighty and precious blood of Jesus. In Joy and Jubilation we dance the reign dance of the redeemed, rained on in a shower of the blood pouring from the eternal fountain of the Lamb of God.

Father, we rise this day, Blood Bought Saints in Holiness, Believers in Faith, Brothers in Love and Disciples in the knowledge of The Way. Father, bless us to walk out as living examples our great lives of Worship. May our Love for You and the Love for our fellow man be our Holy motivation to spread the Good News of Salvation in Christ Jesus and The Coming of the Kingdom of God.

Father, awaken and place on full alarm alert the Ascension gifts that they may edify the Body of Christ, bless the Saints with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit thus empowering us unto every good work, and Father may the fruit of the Holy Spirit be evident in every aspect of our daily lives.

Father, bless us so that we may be Living Worship, Living Praise, Living Prayer, Living Gospel, Living Hope, Living Faith, and Living Healing. Father may we be harbingers of the very Abundant Life, Alive and Quickened in every thing we speak, act, touch or do.

Father, we pray You the Lord of the Harvest, for many more laborers committed unto the work.  The fields are ripe and full, the days of Harvest left are few, Father, it is hard for us not to be anxious and zealous for our Soon and Coming King, and as we lift our prayer unto You for the political leaders of this world that they might be blessed in the doing of Your will whether they know You or not, we can’t help but desire the better King, the greater Kingdom, the Kingdom of Righteousness and Peace and Joy in the Holy Spirit.

Father, please honor our prayers that we present before Your throne of mercy, grace, peace and power, in the name of Yeshua, and by the power of His blood, amen.