A Prayer of the Day

Father God, Holy God, Holy, Holy, Holy is The Lord God All-Mighty! The Rock of Our Salvation, The Righteous Redeemer, Daily He Delivers, Presently He Provides, Maker of Miracles, He is The Stiller of Storms in our lives, we Praise Him, We Worship Him, We ever Give Him the Glory, For His Goodness Greatly Enhances us, His Mercy Endures Forever. Hallelujah!

Father, we bow unto You asking the forgiveness of all our sins, all our transgressions, everything which is not of Faith, Hope or Love. Father from the drums of Africa to the cymbals and gongs of Asia, through the strings of Europe, the multitudes of musical mixtures of the Latin’s, from every land and continent we praise You in the Joy of the Redemption, Restoration and Righteousness that flows from the washing of the Blood of the Lamb.

Father, Praise flowing from every corner of the World, Your Purified People, Perfected in Your Perfect Peace, we dance the dance of the Victorious in the Grace of Jesus Christ, Hallelujah! Father no Gift so Great, so Blessed as the precious Blood of Jesus, Blood that washes clean a sin, sick heart, bringing forth from wretchedness unto Royal Glory, Father we Give You the Praise. Hallelujah!

Father, we fall down but we get up, we rise, Holy, Righteous, Perfect, empowered with the Spiritual Gifts of the Holy Spirit, bearing The Fruit of the Spirit, spreading the meat and nectar thereof.  Father, we rise early to bring the clarion call of our prayers, a Holy shofar, the military call of the bugle, a reveille of the righteous, assembling by ranks in the spirit realm, armoured for battle and equipped to tear the devils kingdom down.

Father,  we thank You that the weapons of our warfare are spiritual, Prayer, Praise, Preaching, along with Exhortation, Binding, Rebuking, Casting Out, Touching and Healing, as we dispense Deliverance, Sanctification, Salvation, Redemption and Restoration all of these and more make up our Spiritual Sacrifice of Worship. Father, we lay down the crowns of our personal head ship of our lives and submit to Your Supreme Sovereign Rule.

Father, we pray You as  The Lord of the Harvest to recruit and send out laborers unto the Harvest, that every sick room, prison cell, homeless shelter, soup kitchen, every alley way, back room, stoop, barnyard, mall, playground, park, and places beyond our thought, be blessed with someone ready and able to present the Gospel in Word and deed. Father, may every preparation for the wedding and banquet of the Bride of Christ be flawless and may your invitations be compelling and accepted unto repentance and redemption.

Father, we thank you for this time of prayer and communion, as we present our requests before Your throne of mercy, grace and authority, in the name of Jesus and by the power of His blood, amen.