A Prayer of the Day

Father God, Holy God, the creator of the universe, the God of eternal glory, God beyond space, time and dimension. Father, You are the Great Deliverer, the Protector, Provider, Savior, Redeemer, Restorer, Healer, Comforter, The Love, Joy, Peace and Hope Giver.

Father, before You we bow, circumspect, humbled, remorseful and repentant, laying all our sins, all our transgressions at the foot of the Cross, aware of such Great Atonement bought there by the Sacrifice of the Lamb of God. Father we try to comprehend the depth, width and breathe of so Mighty Love as would contemplate such a plan, to place Thy own self in the stead of all sinners, to bear our burdens, sorrows, and pains, to endure suffering unto death, that propitiation and payment might be made, for Us.

Father what King, what Ruler, would step from His worldly throne to subject themselves to the terror of their subjects, sublimate their egos and self to those in dire need. Father only our Heavenly Father, would provide Himself for the Sacrifice, Father at what cost the blood of Emanuel, what pain, and suffering, sacrifice to step down from eternity into the earth realm.  Father we praise You, we glorify Your Name, Hosanna, Hallelujah, blessed is the Rock of our Salvation!

Father, we rise from our daily blood bathe, dancing in the forgiveness and blessing of the Joys of Holiness, dripping and wet in Grace and Eternal Absolution, our Jubilation is shareable, givable and receivable by all whom would repent and claim submission to the Lordship of The Lord of Lords, Prince of Peace, King of Kings.

Father, we enter Your gates rejoicing, in song and hymns, praise flowing in the creative energy of the Holy Spirit, how great is the culture of God, the archives of the arts of Zion, our praise and worship as diverse as the lands and locales we hail from yet in all “Jesus is Lord.”

Father, as Your Love moves us, humbles us, brings clarity and discernment in our spirits, we are empowered unto all good works, but even greater than that Oh Lord, we are able to see the Christ, every bit of Him, in the men and women, we call sisters and brothers in the Family of God.  Father, help us this day to lay down every difference that may divide us, that we may not miss the unity of the Holy Spirit, that marks the communion of the Saints. Father help us to lift up Jesus at every turn, that the hurt, oppressed, injured and bound might be set free. Father bless us to walk, yes live in unity.

Father bless our prayers this day as we present them before Your throne of mercy, grace and peace, in the blessed Name of Jesus and by the power of His blood, amen.