A Prayer of the Day

Father God, Holy God, Father we are humbled by the Wisdom of Your Word, even before we contemplate the Greatness of Your Hand, For You spoke and the Worlds came into existence, Your whisper is beyond the limits of our comprehension, how much so the might of Your arm. Father, would we wonder of Your Glory, You burst the boundaries of our minds, You are beyond Worthy to be Worshipped & Praised.

Father, yet we attempt, though feebly to ascribe All Glory, All Honor, All Righteousness, All Power, All Might.  Father, in adoration and reverence we bow, presenting for forgiveness, our sin stained hands, our tainted hearts and minds, our penitence is evident in our remorseful demeanor, for we thank You for the reception of the Power of the Blood which washes and absolves us of all the  penalties of our iniquities.

Father, without limits is the Grace of God applied unto us, for though the blood might be sprinkled upon us, and be sufficient, in our repentance we jump, yes leap into the fountain of the Blood of the Lamb. Father, in our joy we dance, dipped and dunked, covered and immersed, fully washed and our rejoicing knows no end.  Father, although we are subjects of the Kingdom of God, it is as the Children of God, Your Sons and Daughters that we come in expectation, The Saints of the Most High, the ones with a Song of Redemption, the Angels can not Sing. Hallelujah!

Father, we rise, praise on our lips, our hands stretched towards Heaven, our eyes and hearts focused there too, in our anticipation of the Great Day of the Lord.  Father, we recognize our tasking is to Love You, and our neighbor as ourselves, and to bring You back by completing the spreading of the Gospel to the four corners of the earth, to make disciples and baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Father, we pray You to add workers unto this Harvest, empowering us with the replenishing of the Holy Spirit, quickening us in His gifts, marking us with His fruit, equipping us by the administrations of the five-fold ministry gifts, sharpening our use of the Sword of the Spirit, inducing us to live as prayer, praise and Word, living sacrifices, Holy, pleasing and acceptable.

Father, as we take our commissioning into the world, make us a blessing such that men would see our good works and glorify You, our Father in Heaven. Father, as we are led by the Holy Spirit may we remember to keep Christ as our primary object in all things, not the gifts, but The Giver, not the Kingdom but The King, not the peace, but Him whom is Peace. Father, You are Love, thus may we not only reflect Your divine character, but rather live as to become Love, living Love in all its dimensions, and as we lift You up, all men will be drawn unto You.  Father we thank you for the opportunity to commune, this day, with You in prayer.

Father, we present our meditations, desires and requests before Your throne of mercy, grace and peace, resigned that Your will be ultimately done, in the blessed name of Jesus and by the power of His Blood, amen.

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