A Prayer of the Day

Father God, Holy and Righteous One, The Creator of the Heavens and the earth, the Universe and all that is within, Whom blessed Abraham, Delivered Israel many times over, The Supreme Sovereign LORD.

Father, You are The God Whom supplied Himself as a Sacrifice, Sent His Son, to Suffer, Bleed and Die, Then Reached into The very fiery Pits of Hell and retrieved His Child, Very God and Very Man, Resurrected Him from The Dead, That we might have LIFE, ETERNAL LIFE, and that Life Abundantly. The God THAT IS, that was and is to come, The God, That God, that IS GOD! HALLELUJAH!

Father, unto you we bow, in the natural and in the spirit, remorseful, repentant, begging and beseeching You, based on Your promises, for the forgiveness of all of our sins, all of our transgressions, shortcomings, unbelief, every deed or lack thereof that misses the mark, the High Calling of Holiness in Christ Jesus.

Father we embrace You, thanking You, Praising You, Worshipping You, LOVING YOU, and accepting the Faithful Forgiveness. Father, we thank You for washing us in the Fountain that Flows from Emanuel’s veins, Baptizing us in the Blood of Jesus, we emerge from this cleansing filled in the Holy Spirit, blessed by Grace Amazing, and break all royal protocol and run to Your waiting arms, jump on Your lap, and hug and kiss You, shouting Abba! Father! We are received, embraced, LOVED, as the children of God! Hallelujah! How Great Love Is That?

Father, we know unspeakable Joy, Jubilation without end, for the storm clouds may gather, furious and dark as the night, yet we know whose we are, and that all storms will pass over, all sorrows are but for a moment, for after we have been there ten thousand years we will have only just begun.

Father, we ask Your provision and providence for financial blessings for those whom the economy has negatively effected, we ask healing for bodies that have experienced illness, sickness and disease, we ask restoration for the hearts that are broken and contrite, we ask deliverance for those in bondage and oppression, be it to political tyranny or habitual addictions, that true to Your Word the captives might be set free. Father ultimately we request the Gospel be preached unto the four corners of the earth and that Salvation be accepted in the hearts of the lost.

Father we thank You for the precious communion we share in prayer with You, and present our requests before Your throne of mercy, grace and peace, counting in faith, all things done, in the name of Jesus and by the power of His blood, amen.