A Prayer of the Day

Father, Oh Father, Holy is Thy Name, Holy is Thy Countenance, Holy is Thy Presence, Holy is Thy Being, Thou Are Holy. Father, Supreme Sovereign Creator, You are Word Above All, We strain to comprehend, to understand and then as we begin to perceive You, our ability to know is surpassed.

Father, You are Higher than High, Greater than Great, More Wonderful than Wonderful, There is but one way to approach You, that is in Praise and Worship, Submission to Your Sovereign Lordship, with total abandonment we come, our hearts overflowing in Joy.

Father thus we bow, presenting all our sins, our perversions of Your perfect purpose and will, our twisting of every Good created thing, praying in remorse and repentance for Your faithful forgiveness, which You so readily and abundantly supply and we receive with the oil of gladness. Father we thank You for the washing, the cleansing of the Blood of Jesus. There is nothing in all the universe quite like the Blood of Jesus, Father, nothing like, nothing but, the Blood.

Father, we thank You for the Blood, for as we meditate on it, as we realize its cost, the pain and suffering of Calvary, the sorrow of sins separation, we are humbled, awe struck and astounded by the preciousness of this most marvelous of all Gifts. Father for by the Blood, is our Salvation, our Resurrection, our Rebirth, our Restoration, Healing, Deliverance, our Justice and our Peace.

Father, we the Redeemed of the Lord in Jubilation with a Shout Say So! Glory! Hallelujah! Father, in Thanksgiving we pray You, Praise You, Worship Your Holy Name, You our Father, do all things well, there is no end to Your Providence, Your daily provision of all of our needs. Father, God our Provider.

Father, as we take to our labors You are there, as we rise and as we lay down, as we stand and as we sit, as we go and as we stay, You are there. In what shall we be nervous, in what shall we worry, have anxiety or anxiousness?  Father, we are the sheep of Your pastures, the twinkle in Your eye, the smile in Your heart, born of the Family of God, we are Your children. Father, we thank You.

Father, we thank you as you receive the prayers of The Saints this day, in the mighty and matchless name of Jesus, and by the Power of His Most Precious Blood, amen.