A Prayer of the Day

Father God, Most Holy and Hallowed, Supreme, Great, Grand,  Sovereign Creator, LORD, Majestic above all the Heavens, Marvelous beyond every Wonder, Glorious above all Glory, Eternal and Everlasting, All-Mighty, Most Potent and Most Powerful, Thou Are GOD there is none other.

Father, we bow, kneel, prostrate, in remorse and repentance, before You, giving all our sins, all our transgressions, misdeeds, all things out of Your will, for absolution by You in Faithful Forgiveness. Father with Joy we are bathed, dipped, immersed in the Blood of Jesus, Blood of the Sacrificial Paschal Lamb, Blood that takes away the sins of the world, restores the breech, heals the lame, gives sight to the blind, brings salvation to the very sin separated.

Father, we thank You for this Blood that not only cleanses the outside but we partake of this Blood, we consume this Blood, this Blood is taken into our mouths but reaches our very spirit. Father, we become one in this precious Atonement with You, a holy communion of Body and Blood, eternal everlasting communion, forever blessed by the broken body, my blessed Savior, nailed to the tree.  Father, this communion of blessed peace, in quietness we take, yet it shouts in Holiness, in Righteousness, in very Justice of a Risen, Resurrected Savior, a Sweet Victory over sin and Death, a Living, Breathing mockery of the forces of evil. Father, in such great blessing we Praise You, We Glorify, We Magnify Your Name, Hallelujah!

Father, we rise this day in devotion to the commandments of Love, with reverence and adoration for You, requiring our eyes to see all mankind with the same Love, to make this Love real in the actions of our lives. Father, we pray the empowerment of the Holy Spirit in the fulfillment of Love, that with the same Love we are forgiven we will dispense this same forgiveness upon our brothers and sisters.

Father, in view of so great Love, may Your unction rain from Heaven that we also fulfill the Great Commission of taking the gospel into the ends of the earth, making disciples and baptizing in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Father, we pray that we may be molded, shaped and formed into the fullness of the stature of Jesus Christ, perfected Saints, reflecting glory upon You, lifting up Jesus, that all men may be drawn unto Him.  Father, we neglect not thanking You for the provisions you make for us daily, by such great providence, Lord God we Thank You.

Father, bless all the prayers of the Saints as we faithfully present them before Your throne of mercy, grace and peace, in the name of Jesus and by the power of His blood, amen.