A Prayer of the Day

Father God, Holy God.  God When I consider the Heavens, The Earth, and all that I can possibly perceive of Your creations, my heart is full of praise and worship for I am awed, made reverent, and in admiration and adoration I am in Wonder of Your Glory, Power, Might, Strength, Love, Grace and Peace.

Father, what are we that not only are You mindful of us, You cared enough to sacrifice Yourself for Us? Incomprehensible? Father, You are so beyond our ability to comprehend or contemplate. Father, upon even a partial revelation of You our feeble brains would burst. Father, thus we are content to Praise You, to Worship Your Holy Name Above All. Hallelujah!

Father, we in body, soul, and spirit; bow, kneel, prostrate before Thy command presence, and present before You, Righteous God, the frailties of all our sins, iniquities, transgressions, and failures to fulfill Your Will.

Father, from the riches of Your Glory You Faithfully dispense to us, the Fullness of Your Amazing Grace, granting us full absolution and cleansing us in the endless Sea of the Blood of the Lamb.  For this Father, there is no end to our Joy, no boundaries to our Praise, no limits to our Worship, which flows like a mighty river from an infinite source, eternal, abundant and everlasting, comparable to the Captain of our souls.

Father, we rise this day, a Glorious Living Sacrifice, abundant in a Living Worship, a Love that is lived out in the very stuff of our daily lives.  Father we are the Church, Your Sons and Daughters, Filled to over full with The Holy Spirit, anointing and unction, like a mighty tidal wave, flowing into the four corners of the Earth.

Father, what a great foundation has been laid for this Your Living Tabernacle, The Living Temple of Your Gathering Presence, by the Blood Sacrifice of Jesus and the Apostles, Prophets and Martyrs. Father what a Glorious Living Building, a Supernatural Superstructure, Eternal for the Heavenlies, in its last stages of construction, awaiting anxiously and fervently the placing of the glorious Capstone, the Very Head of All the Corners, our Soon and Coming King. the All Mighty Yeshua.

Father, bless us this day to each be a blessing as we present our prayers before Your throne of Glory, in the name of Jesus and by the Power of His Blood, amen.