A Prayer of the Day

Father God, Holy God, Supreme Sovereign Creator, Great, Grand & Glorious God, Good Beyond Measure, Merciful, Magnificent, Mighty, Marvelous & Miraculous, All-Powerful, Potent, Perfect & Pure, Our God is an Awesome God! Infinitely, Illuminating & Intelligent, Righteously Revealing, Wonderfully Worthy of Worship. Our Father, Our God.

Father, we bow before You prostrating our hearts in remorseful repentance, Godly sorrow marks our souls as we present all of our sins, before You, contrite in our misbehavior and disobedience, for our transgression and iniquities are many, yet chief amongst our mark missing’s is the continual exaltation of our wills, forgive us Father, wash us in the Blood of the Lamb, give us a pure and clean heart, that we might come forth as pure gold.

Father, keep us mindful and ever remembering the cost of our absolution, for the Blood that washes us is most precious and comes at great sacrifice, pain and suffering.  Father, never let us forget we were there when they crucified our Lord, we delivered the blows and the lashes of the scourge, we cursed Him and spit upon Him, we drove the spikes into His hands and feet, and it was our sins pinned there upon Calvary’s cross.

Father, it was our crown of thorns that bloodied his brow and the spear of our wills that pierced to His very heart. Father, we drew the Blood, the very Blood of our Washing, Forgiveness Cleansing, Healing, Deliverance, Redemption and Salvation. Father we are ever so thankful for the Enduring Mercy, Amazing Grace and Limitless Love displayed upon the Cross of Golgotha’s hill.

Father. in view of Calvary we rise in sincere deep devotion,  ever ready to give answer to the Joy of Salvation which abideth within. Father,  we will never be able to offer sufficient thanksgiving, praise or worship, yet we attempt to serve you with an attitude of gratitude, spreading the Gospel of Salvation, with all that is within us, surrendering our wills, our lives, body, soul and spirit unto You as living sacrifices, Holy, pleasing and acceptable which is our reasonably duty and our spiritual act of worship.

Father, we receive continual fresh anointing’s, submitting fully to the complete infilling of the Holy Spirit, moved along by mighty unctions, equipped by spiritual and ministry gifts, becoming and being Living Love. Father,  in the cadence of our hearts are the drum beats of Calvary, our ears are in tune to the call of the Holy Shofar, The Trumpet of God, how great the assembly of Saints, prepared and ready for the Day of the Lord. Father, our eyes, our focus is forever heavenward, Hallelujah!

Father, we pray the release of all the promises of God, upon Your children this day, as we present our prayers before Your throne of mercy, grace and peace, in the name of Jesus, and by the power of His precious blood, amen.

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