A Prayer of the Day

Father God, Holy God, Supreme Sovereign Creator of the Universe, The Heavenlies and all that is within and beyond, Thou are God there is no other. Father we enter Thy courts with Thanksgiving, Thy Presence with Praise, for Awesome and Amazing, Mighty, Marvelous, Miraculous, Magnificent, and Majestic are Thou.

Father, in Love you made us Wild, Warm and Wonderful, Brave, Bold and Beautiful, Precious in Your sight, in Freedom and Liberty, You formed us, in Your image and likeness, you created us, and we bring You the Worship You so Richly Deserve.

Father, we bow before you, penitent, sorrowful and apologetic, requesting the forgiveness of all of our sins, the fruits of our wills, all of the transgressions of our rebellious natures, the products of our many and manifold mark missing’s. Father empower our self examination, help us to root out the pride, arrogance, lust, greed, laziness, envy, covetousness, and other weaknesses of character that may be found in us.

Father wash us, through and through, in the places and things we may even think need not washing, for our self revelation is many times deceived and our planks are seen as specks. Father by the blood of Jesus we are brought into specification with Your standards of holiness, and Your marks of excellence, the realm of Your eternal and everlasting Righteousness, Justice and Truth.

Father we Praise You and Thank You, for allowing us entrance into the Tabernacle of Love, the Temple of Joy, the Abode of Righteousness, the Place of Peace. Father we thank You that the Church is Holy, Pure, Righteous, Perfect and True, prepared, equipped and ready as the Bride of Christ, yet the institutions created amongst men, the social organizations, clubs and fraternal auxiliaries that call themselves church, are full of hypocrisy, greed, religion and man made traditions, where man and his desires are glorified, material wealth praised, and the will of man exalted.

Father, we pray Your hand on Your Body, in Protection, Providence, and Peace. Father may Your Great Commandments of Love continue to be the fulfillment of The Law, Your Amazing Grace flow freely from Heaven and our hearts, and may Your Great Commission, to make disciples in all the world, be the hallmark of our service, our daily walking in the footsteps of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Father we pray your blessings rain upon all, the just and unjust, that all might be blessed. Father receive our prayers this day as we present them before Your throne of mercy, grace and peace, in the name of Yeshua, and by the power of His blood, amen.

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