A Prayer of the Day

Father God, Holy God, Supreme Sovereign Creator, The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, The Holy One of Israel, Great, Good and Gracious, You are Love, Truth, Mercy, Justice, & Righteousness. Father, we bow in remorseful, repentant sorrow and beg Your mercy in faithful forgiveness and absolution of all of our sins.

Father, thankfully we partake of the cleansing in the blood of Jesus, bathing in the imputation of holiness, righteousness and sanctification, adorning the purity and innocence of The Once Slain Lamb of God.

Father, we are ever so thankful for the justification by faith, the free flowing grace, the limitless tender mercies that were bought and paid for by the sacrifices and sufferings of Calvary.  Father we thank You, we praise You, we magnify and glorify Your Name.

Father, bless us this day in the peace of Your rest, for in Christ, is a Shabbat for the children of God.  Father may we be mindful of Your Word, quick to hide it in our heart, feeding the presence of the Holy Spirit within us, with manna from on high, freshly raining into our Spirits, empowering and edifying unto every good work.

Father, we thank You for the many trials, tribulations, struggles and challenges of this present day, for in our meeting them we discover fresh grace and gifts, qualities and attributes with which to overcome. Father, as we have many times come before You praying for greater strength, greater faith, greater patience, and thus by sufferings, sorrows, burden bearings and loss are we made to look to You and thereby, find All Power and All Authority is accessible through You, exercising total faith and ultimate strength through Him, whom arose from the dead, defeating every manifestation of darkness, and thus providing the stuff of Victory.

Father, we pray a prayer of unity, upon the Body of Christ this day, that in these end times which require a revolution of religion to receive our Soon and Coming King, we may make room for truth by a thorough examination of our ungodly traditions, rituals and practices, things which glorify not Christ, but serve to elevate men. Father, equip us with courage enough to cast off the dross of our religion and every practice that would blind us as Pharisees. Father help us to become that prepared and peculiar people, that royal priesthood of the King of Kings and LORD of Lords.

Father, bless our prayers this day as we present them before Your throne of authority, in the name of Jesus, and by the power of His blood, amen.

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