A Prayer of the Day

Father God, Holy God, Supreme Sovereign Creator, Lord God of the Universe, having All Knowledge, All Power, All Glory, being Absolutely Awesome, Magnificently Marvelous and Mighty, Before Time, After Time, In and On Time.

Father, You are The God that is Totally Terrific, The God that neither slumbers or sleeps, in Whom resides the Redemption of Israel, We praise You, We Worship Your Worthy Wonderful Name, Hallelujah! Father, accept from our weary hearts the request for forgiveness of all of our sins, transgressions and willfulness.

Father, we bow before You in repentance, the ready remorse of our sinful souls, receiving the washing of the Blood of Emanuel, that Blood that Saves, Heals and Delivers, that Blood that was shed on Calvary where our Master was poured out like water, where His heart was broken at the burden of our sins and sorrows, where He experienced the encompassing darkness of sinful separation from You.

Father, where the pains of the soul and spirit were manifest many times greater than the wounded and tore flesh ever felt. Father, this Blood, the Blood of God, Your Blood, The Precious Pouring out of love, tender mercy , grace, peace, and righteousness, this same Blood that made purchase of the presence of the Holy Spirit inside the hearts of Believers, This Blood that has brought Salvation to the Household of God, and empowered the stature of the Saints unto the fullness of Jesus Christ. This wonder working Blood that never loses its power to convict, seal and redeem. This the mighty Blood of Jesus, Hallelujah!

Father, we rise in mighty Fellowship, Blood bought and redeemed, protected by the power of the providential provision of our daily needs by the richness of our inheritance in Christ. Father we in gratitude bring a sacrifice of praise for the graciousness and peace of the abundant life, the life that brings Heaven out of Glory into the affairs of mankind.

Father, bless us to glorify You in good works that Your mighty Love might show forth through us, that charity be made for the less fortunate and needy, that we be instruments of compassion, generously and cheerfully gifting into every need that is brought to our attention by the unction and anointing of the Holy Spirit. Father, teach us to wait on You, that we might perfectly fulfill Your purpose, be the very manifestation of the will of God on Earth, by Love, bringing Your Peace as Living Word by Faith in the One whom Is.

Father, we are so grateful for our relationship of which prayer is a privilege, and thus thank You for honoring ours as presented this day before Your throne of authority, eternal in the Heavens, in the name of Yeshua, and by the power of His Blood, amen.

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