A Prayer of the Day

Father God, Holy God, Supreme Sovereign Creator, Your attributes are infinite, meaning, of Your Love there is no end, likewise of Your Almighty Power, Your Glory, Your Grace, Your Wisdom, Justice, Knowledge and Presence.

Father, we pray the absolution of all of our sins, the feeble works of our wills, the treachery of our transgressions, as we repent and turn from our iniquities, bearing in our spirit and flesh, the purity and innocence provided for by the washing of the blood of Jesus.

Father, we are grateful for the restoration that reflects our redemption, renewed in perfect performance of Holiness, and Righteousness we shout Your praise. Father for all our shortcomings, our failures, weaknesses, you make restitution for us, You cover us in the Blood, raining Your Grace upon us continually, an infinite supply and Lord we thank You.

Father, we ourselves can rarely continue to restore the weak or intercede on their behalf, constantly falling short of the mark, yet in contrast You are ever faithful to stand in the gap, filling our needs from Your riches and glory, providing a perpetual provision of providence, achieving an accumulation of an awesome amount of an amazing and abundant grace, that our lives would ever shout and scream Shalom to all that would enquire of the joy and peace we have in eternal supply.

Father, bless us in our daily intercourse’s with the world that we might be valued and sought out in the marketplace, efficient in employ, worthy in work, profusely productive, glorifying You in the marks we make upon society in our degrees of character, integrity and excellence. Father, bless us with an unction that flows in creativity, innovation and ingenuity as we not only strive but make in reality this world a better place by our presence and the reflective Godly glory of our countenance.

Father, expand the power of the Holy Spirit in us that in all our getting we get understanding, that Your wisdom is shown in the working out of Your so Great Love, that we are unconsciously fulfilling the law by the constant love of our neighbors as ourselves.  Father, As we go forth into the world may we maintain our sanctification that we may prove indeed that though we are in the world, we are definitely not of the world. Father, may we leave by our good deeds Your mark on the world this day.

Father, receive the offering of our prayers this day, before Your throne of mercy, grace and peace, in the Holy and Righteous name of Yeshua, and by the Mighty and Matchless Power of His Blood, amen.

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