A Prayer of the Day

Father God, Holy God, Supreme Sovereign Creator, You are Higher than the Highest High, Greater than the Greatest Great, More Wonderful than the Most Wondrous Wonder, in You Father is Beulah Land, the Place of Most Pleasant Perfection. Father in You is All Glory, All Power, All Honor, All Mercy, All Grace, All Righteousness, All LOVE.

Father God, You are the Universal Truth, Infinite Reality, Everlasting Eternity, the Righteous Reward, the Bounteous Beauty, The Precious Presence, The Perfection of Purity. Father in humble submission we bow before You, presenting in Godly sorrow, our remorsefully repentant hearts, pleading the forgiveness of all of our sins, our many transgressions and wilful thoughts.

Father, in jubilation we delightfully receive the faithful forgiveness from Your unlimited and boundless Grace, and we praise You as we take our daily bath, in the never ending fountain of the pools of the precious Blood of Jesus. Father, we are washed, scrubbed and disinfected in the cleansing flood, the showers of the Blood, and then dried by the pleasant and soft blowing breath of our Father, our God.

Father, in rising we move in the rhythm of the dance of our lives, consecrated in entire, complete and utter abandonment to Your will and Your Way. Father, You Are The Potter, we are the clay, we are fashioned as Temples of the Holy Spirit, we hold the Mighty Power of the Universe in earthen vessels, thus we are dedicated and devoted, and we repeat, abandoned to You, our obedience is our sacrifice, our service is our praise, our ministries our worship, our life is Yours.

Father, duly consecrated, we come in absolute Faith that Your Will, Way and Grace is more than sufficient to meet, rather exceed our need. Father, having received so great a blessing in Salvation as Eternal Life, we are more than motivated by the Agape, The Love, the Communion of Christ to carry this Love into the four corners of the earth, touching all of the global community of mankind.

Father, in our service to You is a Shabbat, a sweet resting place, for all our burdens are placed in You, as we have learned of Your perfect provision in Providence, for the yoke of Your will is light and our loads are not burdensome, our Way is clear, our Destination sure, and our outcome Victorious.  Father we can gladly declare in wisdom, knowledge and truth, Thy Will Be Done.

Father, we thank you for honoring our prayers this day as we present them before Your throne of mercy and grace, in the name of Yeshua, the Messiah, and by the Power of His Precious Blood, Amen.

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