A Prayer of the Day

Father God, Holy God, Supreme Sovereign Creator, From glory to Glory Thou are God, the Beauty of the heavenlies proclaim You, The expanse of the universe sings of Your Infinity, Your Everlasting Presence, the unbounding Limitlessness of You, Your Love, Grace and Peace, Your Truth Absolute and Forever.

Father, the stars and planets, comets and unknown things, are hymns and anthems of Your handiwork, the pulchritude of the earth’s very nature, a song of the depths of Your Marvelous, Magnificent and Majestic heart, we praise You, Glorify You, Magnify You, LORD GOD HALLELUJAH!!!

Father, we fall down, we bow down, we lay down before You, Mighty God, Mighty God, repentant, in remorse, Godly sorrowful, Father we are sorry for all of our sins and all of our transgressions, all of them Father, large and small, and we pray Your forgiveness, and in faith we receive Your blessed absolution, the power of the Blood to wash us, cleanse us, disinfect us, renew us, restore and keep us.

Father, we rise, in the joy of the Holy Spirit, adorned in the finery and splendor of the Kingdom of God, the white and gold trimmed garment of the new birth, clothed in all the fruit of the Holy Spirit, Blood bathed, bought and bound garments, armoured of God, spiritual weaponry par excellence, Swords of the Holy Spirit, fitted for the wedding feast of the Lamb of God, as we salute our Captain, the Lord of Lords, King of Kings and Prince of Peace.

Father, we thank you for consecrated garments for consecrated people, garments not made of clothe yet representative of the bounty of the abundant life. Father help us in the wearing that our clothes prove not the wrong size but that we might grow into them in the Beauty and Glory of Holiness.

Father, I see now my brothers and sisters of the Family of God, are so adorned as I can view  Your Glory in their countenance, the shine of God in their faces, the glow of Love and Peace in their eyes, the Mercy and Compassion in the sweetness of their speech.  Father, thank you for these garments which are appropriate for work, casual, dress and formal wear, always the finest fashion statement of the hour.  Father, we thank You that we are dressed to live.

Father, we thank You for blessing us this day and receiving our prayers before Your throne of Love, eternal in the Heaven, in the name of Yeshua, and by the Power of His blood, amen.