A Prayer of the Day

A Prayer of the Day Audio Version
Father God, Holy God, Supreme Sovereign LORD Creator, we bless You with our praise, You are Wonderously Worthy, Remarkably Righteous, Magnificently Marvelous, Awesomely All-Mighty, Eternally Everlasting, Forever Formidable, Gloriously Grand, Great & Good, Thou are the Rock of Ages, the Ancient of Days, from Everlasting to Forever, Thou are God.  How Good is That?

Father, in loving reverence and awe-inspired admiration, we bow before You, cherishing this moment of prayer, yet mindful of our obligation, to secure the absolution of our sins before You, a Holy God.  Father, thus boldly we approach and request the forgiveness of all of our sins, the removal of all of our transgressions, the washing away of every wilful and dishonoring thought, and by faith in You, The Word of God, we receive forgiveness and cleansing and we joyfully expend ourselves of our daily blood bath.

Father, we arise, living Word, contagious in the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit, dripping in the blood’s heavenly and holy unction, anointing oozing from our pores, empowered Word from our tongues, healing and deliverance in our touch, as vessels of the Living God, the way maker, the burden bearer, the yoke destroyer, the life giver, sin remover, spirit lifter, joy imparter, sorrow reliever, our God the Mighty One of Israel.  Hallelujah!

Father, raise us up Your children, into sufficient, spiritual warriors, each an Army of one, each enabled to set satan’s forces by the thousands on the run.  Father, we pray the mighty anointing of these last days upon the Body of Christ.

Father help  us to prepare the Bride of Christ, heal her wounds, seal her scares and fix her countenance, as she has been ravaged, raped and pillaged by her enemies, demons without and perpetrators within. Father we pray a renewed sense of responsibility of each and every saint to hold themselves accountable for what, Thus Says The Lord, that the Word of God be exalted and lifted, in our homes, in our quiet hours, casual times, and periods of recreation. Father, we pray that for the sons and daughters of salvation, The Study of the Bible becomes as the hunger of a starving soul, relishing every precious morsel, consuming with an endless desire to be filled, with the sweetness of its taste, the refreshing of its savor, and the satisfaction of its filling.

Father we pray the Holy Spirit lead us this day, in love, as we venture into the world, prepared to march to the heavenly rhythms, regardless of the pace of those around us. Father, cover and protect us in our peculiarity with Your royal and regal robes that we will reflect unto the world that we are Kingdom Kids, as we shall be devoted to ever proclaim the victory of the resurrected Christ unto all, by our words and more especially by our walk.

Father we thank You for the privilege of prayer, our daily communions with the fellowship of the Saints, the glory of Your Kingdom, as we present our meditations before Your throne of mercy, grace and peace, in the name of Yeshua Messiah, and by the power of His Blood, amen.
A Prayer of the Day Audio Version