A Prayer of The Day

A Prayer of the Day Audio Version
Father God, Holy God, Supreme Sovereign LORD Creator, we ascribe unto You all Honor, All Glory, All Power, for You are the Source of everything good in the universe, even the very blessings of our lives, thus Father we enter Your courts with praise, Your halls in Worship, For Mighty is our LORD, Faithful to Save, True to Deliver from every snag, hook and trick of the evil one.

Father, blessed we are to bring all our burdens, all our troubles, cares, problems, trials, tribulations, and challenges, we can bring them to You and leave them there, how great and blessed is that?  Father, we repent of all of our sins as we plead Your forgiveness and removal of the taint and stain of all of our transgressions.

Father we apply the blood, we bathe, dip, immerse and go swimming in the pool of the fountains of the Blood of Jesus, the Lamb of God, the precious flow of Emanuel’s veins, the blood, the blood, the blood, its burden removing, yoke destroying power will never fail to dissipate, alleviate and conquer the penalties of sin, set us free of guilt and shame, wash and cleanse us unto perfection, righteousness, holiness, and with it bringing us into abounding joy and jubilation.

Father, for by the blood we are set free on the foundations of the Holy Word of God, forever to be conquerors in Your Kingdom, royal priest of the Heavenly tabernacle, the abode of the Presence of God, we are The Saints of the Most High and we walk it out in our daily realities.

Father, we rise this day with a Holy Spirit rhythm in our walk, the stride of the humble,  yet victorious, the beatings of our heart a very Holy cadence, setting our steps on the ordered path of the LORD.  Father, we thank You for Your divine nature and character bestowed upon us and reflected in the love that flows freely from our conversations, actions and deeds, as we make all peoples the objects of our heavenly sponsored charities. Our gatherings, meetings, assemblies, congregations, and fellowships may have been flawed by the traditions and purposes of men, yet Father, as the true church of God, the universal body of the Living God, the Bride of Christ, we are without spot or wrinkle, virgin and chaste, pure, holy and righteous, and we step to the world honoring that spiritual reality.

Father, the church that exists whenever two or three are gathered together in Your Name, the church that is mighty, and bold, courageous,  and anointed and brave to do exploits, to prepare the Saints, God’s elected for the great getting up morning, the church that you bless daily with additions to its fold. Father, bless Your sons and daughters that they may prophesy, that Holy Spirit power is as a common occurrence as the air that we breathe, Father, empower us to get right, and ready to go home.  Father, may the men and women of God become empowered to spit fire in the preaching of the Word of God, may the end times Saints show out the power and unction of the Holy Spirit to the lifting up of Jesus, the building of the Kingdom of God, and the destruction of the works of evil.

Father, bless Your people, Your children, as we meditate and pray, presenting ourselves faultless this day before Your throne, in the name of Yeshua Messiah, The Holy One of Israel, and by the Power of His Blood, amen.
A Prayer of the Day Audio Version

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