A Prayer of the Day

A Prayer of the Day Audio Version
Father God, Holy God, Supreme Sovereign LORD Creator, before now or then, where or when, God beyond dimension, time and space, limitless, boundless, infinite, from everlasting to everlasting, from forever to forever, eternal to eternal, Thou… are… God, there is none other.

Father, we bow before You requesting the forgiveness of all of our sins, pleading the attendant washing of the Blood of Christ. Father, we pray You, of the heavenlies, the blessed restoration of complete communion, holy absolution and cleansing, which You so faithfully supply us in unending abundance and unlimited Grace.

There is no transgression too dark, too extreme, that is not covered by the blanket of the all encompassing Blood of the Lamb, the sacred sacrifice that saves the world, brings healing to the hurt, deliverance to the captives, and release to the oppressed, sight to the blind, and makes the lame to walk, and the dead to rise to life, Hallelujah!

Father, we rise, acknowledging that we serve a Mighty, Mighty, Mighty God, continually blessing us in overflow, for we are rich and prosperous beyond the wealth of this world, the true riches that fade not in time, but continue to bless even unto eternity. Father, we are ever so grateful for the supreme ultimate miracle in the gift of eternal life. Father, as partakers of this gracious gift, we are yet to comprehend fully what this means but the inkling we have is more than enough to drive and motivate crazy praise.

Father, help us to appropriate an understanding of the eternal life and the station, nature and divine status for which we are inheritors, that we may participate fully in this gift, here on earth and forever in eternity. Father, we being so blessed would be grateful to extend this gift to others in the multiplication of additions to the Kingdom of heaven, here and now and although it is Yours to save and redeem, it is ours to bring the gift of discipleship to Your chosen.

Father, we pray Your continued unction on this blessed service, that our participation be in humility and that our devotion to the labor be Worthy of Him in Whom we serve. Father, we pray a special discernment amongst the Body of Christ that those Saints that lack an understanding of just what their mission and ministry gifts are and how they may go about exercising the Holy Spirit deposit You have made in them, will come unto a complete knowledge of the blessings and walk out the work.

Father, we pray Your blessings on the Body of Christ this day, as we present our prayers before Your throne of mercy, grace and peace, in the blessed Name of Yeshua Messiah, and by the power of His Precious Blood, Amen.
A Prayer of the Day Audio Version