A Prayer of the Day

Father God, Holy God, Supreme Sovereign LORD God, Creator, YAHWEH!  Father, this day we rise in joyous praise of Your Mighty Magnificence, Your Ultimate Awesomeness, How Great, how Grand, You are the Almighty, Beautiful in Your Holy Glory, Have Mercy!

Father, our spirits are overcome in Thanksgiving, we the blessed of the LORD are never ashamed to say so, for Your Name is Wonderful, we are caught up in Praise, our worship is ferocious, energetic and wholly encompassing.

Father, we are a celebration of Your Goodness, Your Graciousness is cause for our dance, Your Mercy brings a shout, Your provision for our every need brings an unending overflow from our hearts through our lips, We worship, we worship, we worship YOU, Hallelujah!

Father, Your mighty hand upon us guides us, You protect and shield us, Only You are Worthy to receive our praise, for only You can forgive us all of our sins as we bring them before You, cherishing Your faithful forgiveness, remorseful for our lack of fidelity, loyalty and obedience.

Yes Father, as we repent You forgive, and we are privileged to be washed in the Holy Blood of The Lamb, cleansed, purified, and disinfected from the infestation of evilness, willfulness, selfishness, pride and disobedience. What a Mighty Cleansing, What a perfecting Holy Communion, what a powerful anointing presence, Holy, Perfect, Pure, Innocent and Chaste, Hallelujah!

Oh Father, we are blessed to embark on great adventures in the Kingdom of Heaven, our service and our worship is unified in completion of Your Perfect Will. We are Your instruments in taking Your Word, Your Blessed Gospel unto the Lost, the Hurt, the Dying, the Oppressed and the Diseased.  Use us Lord, we are Yours.

Father, bless this and all the prayers of The Saints this day, and most especially our prayers of intercession, as we present them faultless before Your throne of mercy, grace, love, hope and peace, in the mighty and matchless name of Jesus The Christ, Yeshua Hamashiach, The Almighty Prince of Peace, and in the potent power of His shed Blood, Amen.

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